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How to navigate the cost of living crisis

Saving for your children's future

How to manage your money for the planet

Mastering debt

"We chose to work with Claro Wellbeing as the team has huge experience in delivering coaching and workshop sessions with people of all ages."

—Head of People, Ogilvy


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Learn about our work with Ogilvy. Discover why its employees rated our workshops 8.5/10 stars.

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Available to platform subscribers, these are our monthly webinars for 2023.

Featured image budgeting masterclass webinar



Budgeting masterclass

Relieve the stress of living paycheque to paycheque, with a money management system that works for you. Audit your spending and find places to save.

New tax year webinar featured image



Plan for the new tax year

Learn how to take advantage of the various allowances you have at your disposal before the end of the tax year. Use it or lose it.

Featured image for become financially resilient webinar

Become financially resilient

Get rid of those lingering debts, save for that rainy day fund and put the right protection in place, so that when life throws one of those inevitable curveballs at you, you're prepared to handle it.

Featured image for strengthen your family finances webinar

Strengthen your family finances

Whether you are planning to have children or saving for your children's future, you want to set up your family for success.

Investing webinar featured image

What you need to know about investing

Build the knowledge and confidence to make your first investment, and put good investing habits in place that will serve you over the long term.

Featured image boost your financial confidence and wellbeing



Boost your financial confidence and wellbeing

Discover how to improve your relationship with money, take control and feel more secure.

Featured image optimise your savings webinar



Optimise your savings

Get clear on what you’re saving for, how you’re going to save and what options you have in terms of accounts and interest rates.

Plan for retirement



Plan for retirement

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, it’s a good time to plan for retirement. Learn the key features of pensions and other products, and build a strategy your future self will thank you for.

Buy a house featured image for webinar



Buy your first home

Discover all the things you need to consider when buying your first home, and put a plan in place to achieve it.

Featured image money conversations webinar



Learn to have effective money conversations

Money is a sensitive subject. Learn how to break down the taboos of talking about money and approach money conversations, at work and at home.

Manage money ethically and sustainably webinar image



Manage your money ethically and sustainably

You care about people and planet, and want to manage your money in line with these values. Discover ways you can use your finances to support a sustainable future.

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“Absolutely fantastic, thank you Stacey. Using your tips, if I can plan my finances better, I will be able to use this on treating the family in the future.”
Santander workshop attendee
“The day was a great success and we’re so pleased that you were able to contribute your expertise for all colleagues to enjoy.”
Ogilvy team
“This is really bringing to light what I have been overlooking. This presentation should become a quarterly session. Really worth its weight in gold.”
Santander workshop attendee

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