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A WhatsApp-first financial wellbeing programme for your deskless workers


Delivered entirely via WhatsApp, our frictionless financial wellbeing offering lets you bring financial guidance to your deskless workers.


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Offering financial wellbeing to a large workforce is challenging

  • Financial stress: The cost of living crisis is making staff stressed, particularly those on the front-lines and factory and shop floors.
  • Employee-benefit onboarding: Scaling new employee benefit platforms brings administrative headaches.
  • Benefit adoption rates: Uptake of existing employee benefits remains lacklustre. 


And good options are few and far between

  • Choice overload: A large market makes choosing a financial wellbeing provider overwhelming.
  • Few options for non-desk workers: The main providers are designed only for service desk-based employees, making onboarding employees complicated for everyone else.
  • Ethical necessity: With 81% of UK workers wanting support with the cost of living crisis, "doing nothing" is simply not an option. 

How you can solve this

A financial wellbeing WhatsApp chat for every employee

With Claro Wellbeing, you can offer every member of staff a 1-2-1 WhatsApp chat thread with an expert financial coach.

Tailored financial guidance: every employee gets to chat with an expert financial coach, via WhatsApp. 

Comprehensive, educational content: your employees get access to Claro Wellbeing's engaging videos, articles, courses, webinars and workshops.

Behaviour-nudging tools: your team can access our open-banking budgeting tool as well as interactive quizzes, to help manage their money.

"Really like how the info received was easy to digest and understand. Has definitely been of help!"

Claro via WhatsApp user, April 2023

Truly financially-inclusive guidance, tailored to every employee


Have a money question? Share it with your expert financial coach and let them guide you.

✅ Available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

✅ Out-of-hours support available for budgeting, content recommendations and more

✅ Designed for everyone in your organisation, whether they work in shifts, on-call, remotely, in a warehouse, or on the shop floor

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Make onboarding a breeze, while keeping engagement high

Skip the headaches that come with lengthy onboarding processes, while making it easy for every staff member to keep coming back. 

✅ Under 24 hrs typical response time 

Get started with a QR code and simple onboarding questionnaire 


Increase uptake across your existing benefits

Because Claro Wellbeing is education-focussed, it can even help you increase uptake of other benefits in your package.

✅ Great if you already offer pensions and health insurance and other wellbeing benefits

✅ Education-focussed programme, which studies show are effective at creating change (T. Kaiser et al., 2020)

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Want to support your team's financial wellbeing?

With pricing from £1.49 per employee per month, now is the time to get started. Book a demo to chat with us about moving your people forwards today.


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Meet your new financial coaching team

Discover our wonderful team of in-house financial coaches, who've helped transform the financial health of thousands.


Coaching Excellence & Training Lead

Abby financial coaching team


Lead Financial Coach

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Head of Financial Coaching

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Head of Employee Wellbeing & Financial Coach

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Discover why Stacey and Mike love financial coaching





Hear what people say about us



"The session with a financial coach is amazing, in those 45 minutes, I learnt more than I had in the past five years. I instantly felt compelled to share it with friends. Financial education is something that you sometimes have to seek out and Claro seems dedicated to bridging that gap."
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Coached by Claro
"Really helped up-skill me quite considerably in a very short space of time. Before I was overwhelmed but you made it so digestible! I thought this was such a high quality service and I'm grateful I got to take part in it!"
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Coached by Claro
"My experience with Claro has been fantastic since minute one. The knowledge, resources and help I've received from Claro is invaluable and was explained in such a clear and concise way. Thank you Mike for helping me to plan my first home purchase!"
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Coached by Claro

Bringing a new industry standard to financial wellbeing

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