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Boost uptake of your offering

Learn how you can become a Claro Wellbeing partner – and why financial education helps boost the key metrics that matter to you and your customers.

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Why partner with Claro Wellbeing?

As an employee benefits, pensions or insurance provider, it can be tough getting employers to renew, with some contracts getting stuck in a bottleneck.

Because employers go by what (they think) their people want. And if many employees are sluggish adopters, opt-outers, or just plainly unaware of what they have, employers can't justify renewing. Why continue paying for something your people don't use? 

Indeed, as many as 44% of employers admit their staff do not know the total value of their other benefits and rewards, according to HR News.

Not renewing is not the answer. It's absurd to cancel brilliant benefits, just because people don't realise what they have. 

Leaving providers to educate employees is not the answer, either. But, too often, this is what employers expect – meaning providers have to hire new, costly teams.

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Break through the bottleneck with high-quality financial education

By partnering with Claro Wellbeing, you'll increase your odds of attracting and retaining new customers. 

Our research shows financial literacy is low among UK adults. Millions are not taught about pensions, insurance, saving or investing at school or university. This can result in few understanding how to take advantage of their companies' benefits.

With our leading financial wellbeing education programme and platform – and our team's combined decades of experience in financial coaching – Claro Wellbeing is helping to fill this gap. 

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Combine your offering with financial education and increase adoption

Tap into financial education and you'll see great results.

Increase uptake of your employee benefit products

Improve understanding of your offering

Decrease customer queries and customer support required

Reduce the need for resources required to create financial content around your product

Renew your contracts with client companies

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Who can partner with Claro Wellbeing?

We partner with a range of providers across the employee benefits space.

Earned Wage Access providers

Employee Wellbeing platforms

Insurance providers

Employee Assistance Programme platforms

Pension providers

Savings/rewards platforms

Investment platforms


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