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Learn how you can become a Claro Wellbeing partner – and why financial education helps boost the key metrics that matter to you and your customers.

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Facing any of these problems? 

Consumers don’t understand your product?
Need help complying with the FCA’s Consumer Duty regulation?
Need to remain relevant as your customer demographics change?
HR leaders expect you to do more to educate their workforce?
Need to hire extra staff to educate consumers about your product?
Is Gen Z opting out of your product?
Seeing low uptake of your offering?

The undeniable link between consumer financial literacy and product uptake 

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Break through the bottleneck with high-quality financial education

By partnering with Claro Wellbeing, you'll increase your odds of attracting and retaining new customers. 

Our research shows financial literacy is low among UK adults. Millions are not taught about pensions, insurance, saving or investing at school or university. This can result in few understanding how to take advantage of their companies' benefits.

With our leading financial wellbeing education programme and platform – and our team's combined decades of experience in financial coaching – Claro Wellbeing is helping to fill this gap. 


How much could financial education boost your industry?

Try our calculator to see how your industry can benefit from improved consumer financial literacy.


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Impacted by the FCA's Consumer Duty?

Discover how we can help fast-track your firm's preparations for the FCA's Consumer Duty.


Discover how we can help you

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Benefits of partnering with Claro Wellbeing

Partnering with Claro Wellbeing allows your company to tap into financial education, so you can:


✅ Increase uptake of your employee benefit products

✅ Help customers understand your offering

✅ Comply with FCA Consumer Duty

✅ See fewer customer queries and require less customer support

✅ Use ready-to-go educational resources made by experts, saving you time and resources

✅ Increase the number of contracts with client-companies you renew

✅ Ensure your users make informed and confident decisions

✅ Increase engagement on your platform




Who can partner with Claro Wellbeing?

If you are any of the below, Claro Wellbeing can help you increase the uptake of your offering through financial education and awareness.

Earned Wage Access providers

Employee Wellbeing/EAP platforms

Insurance companies


Pension providers

Savings platforms

Investment platforms

Any other financial products

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