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Meet Claro, your hidden personal finance superpower


With Claro Wellbeing, you can get help from money experts, grow your financial knowledge and plan your spending.

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Expert financial coaches, one calendar invite away


Get 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Claro’s expert financial coaches.

Remote, flexible sessions: have your coaching session over video, at a time that works for you.

Get expert guidance: get feedback on your financial plan and have your questions answered by a certified coach.

Gain perspective: talk through your specific personal finance challenges and learn your options.

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Budget, the smart way


Put an end to spreadsheet headaches with Claro’s powerful budgeting tool.

See your money: see your daily spending in one place and set your monthly budget using real-time data.

Take the pain out: reduce friction with our simple-to-use platform, built by Claro’s team of data scientists.

Fully secure: connect your bank accounts, via our secure, FCA authorised and regulated open-banking provider.

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A learning platform, built by experts


Our best-in-class learning platform helps you improve your financial know-how, whatever your starting point.

Grow your financial knowledge: acquire essential financial knowledge and make your money work for you.

Pick your topics: choose topics as you go, or work through our entire syllabus from financial novice to guru.

Flexible learning: all courses are included as part of your plan, so there’s no limit to what you can learn.

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Introducing: Finance Fridays workshops


As featured in the Guardian, Finance Fridays are fun 30-minute group video workshops for you to complete tasks you’ve been putting off.

Be accountable: tackle financial tasks independently, together – one Friday every month.

Guided by financial coach: be motivated and guided throughout your session by a financial expert.

Get handy tips: share and receive financial tips with your colleagues.

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Custom-made, live webinars


Join live webinars on everything from managing finances during the cost of living crisis to buying your first house.

Completely tailored: you choose what topics are covered, based on your needs and interests.

Information-rich accessible content: you get the best of our coaches’ knowledge distilled into an easy-to-follow presentation.

Q&A in every webinar: get your questions answered at the end of every webinar.

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Start making your money work for you

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Your data is completely private from employer

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Fully secure encryption

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Free for employees

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Access to tools, calculators, articles, videos and on-demand webinars

Employee confidentiality is always respected

Only you can see your personal financial data in the platform. All calls with financial coaches are completely confidential.

For employers


Start making your money work for you

Measure Claro Wellbeing’s impact on key HR metrics, with additional tools only admins can see.

Analyse and report on your organisation’s progress


Easily report on key metrics with in-platform analytics.

Protect privacy: anonymised, aggregated data views mean your employees' data will remain completely confidential.

Create custom reports: easily communicate the metrics that matter, like your team's benefit adoption rate, engagement rate and financial confidence score.

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“Absolutely fantastic, thank you Stacey. Using your tips, if I can plan my finances better, I will be able to use this on treating the family in the future.”
Santander workshop attendee
“Mike is great, easy to speak with and super knowledgeable. I especially liked how he got me considering different aspects of my financial health I had not considered.”
Coaching client
“This is really bringing to light what I have been overlooking. This presentation should become a quarterly session. Really worth its weight in gold.”
Santander workshop attendee

Attract and retain great talent — without hurting your bottom line


Start bolstering your team’s financial health today.



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