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Bring financial literacy to every employee


Our financial experts helped us build the market's #1 financial coaching app. Now, some of the most forward-thinking organisations in the world are using Claro Wellbeing to bring financial wellbeing to their people.

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Financial wellbeing for all


Claro Wellbeing was founded upon an unshakeable belief that financial education should be democratised.

Today, technology gives us the power to open a bank account faster than the earth can fully rotate, buy dinner abroad without extortionate exchange fees, and invest in digital currencies named after memes.

But levels of financial literacy have not kept pace with financial-technological innovation. Too few of us are taught essential financial skills at school or at work. As a result, many of us face barriers when seeking help.


lack affordable options for personal finance help


say financial advisers too expensive


don’t know where to find help

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If technology can empower our finances, it can empower our financial education, too.

So, at Claro Wellbeing, we’re bringing financial wellbeing to all, by providing the education, guidance and tools to help everyone take control of their money.

Meet our expert financial coaches and team


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Trained with a programme accredited by an industry-leading institution, Claro Wellbeing's coaches set the benchmark for financial coaching. 

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1,200+ hours 

of Claro financial coaching delivered

38+ years

of experience in financial advice

50+ years

of experience in the financial services industry 


All coaches are employed by Claro

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Experience in the UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East

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Attract and retain great talent — without hurting your bottom line


Start bolstering your team’s financial health today.



say their employer should do more to support their personal finances


say their employer is doing either an average or below job of looking after their finances


say if their employer offered a financial wellbeing benefit, they’d use it

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