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Boost financial health.
Retain great people.


With Claro’s financial wellbeing platform, you can retain great employees, compete for talent and boost team productivity.


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Complete your employee benefits package with Claro Wellbeing

Employees feeling the pinch have two options: reduce their outgoings or increase their income. Providing a financial wellbeing programme supports your team where they need it most.


of employees say money worries affect their work performance


of employees will leave in 12 months if the cost of living crisis worsens

5 days

are lost per employee per year, by them spending time on personal finances

Bolster satisfaction and culture

81% of employees say a financial wellbeing programme would increase their job satisfaction. Nurture their financial wellbeing with a highly popular employee benefit, so they can help your organisation do more.

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Increase productivity, decrease stress

Worrying about money at work is affecting 67% of employees, of which 59% say it makes them less productive. Give them the best-in-class tools to take control of their personal finances and financial stress.

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Strengthen your employee value proposition

Financial wellbeing benefits are just as sought after as health insurance. Enhance your employee value proposition and increase your odds of attracting top talent.

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Foster financial wellbeing, the Claro way

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Powerful budgeting platform

Connect your bank account, see your daily spending and set your monthly budget – all using real-time data.

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Financial coaching for every employee

Give one-to-one guidance from expert financial coaches to your entire team.

Home workshops

Live finance webinars and workshops

Give your entire team a custom webinars and workshop on topics they choose, led by Claro’s financial experts.

Home courses

Financial education learning platform

Learn and grow your financial skills so you can take control of your money and achieve the future you want.

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Rated 4.8 stars by Smart Money People

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Our certified coaches have completed our training programme, which has been accredited by an industry-leading body

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Finalists in 2022

"The session with a financial coach is amazing, in those 45 minutes, I learnt more than I had in the past five years. I instantly felt compelled to share it with friends. Financial education is something that you sometimes have to seek out and Claro seems dedicated to bridging that gap."
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"Really helped up-skill me quite considerably in a very short space of time. Before I was overwhelmed but you made it so digestible! I thought this was such a high quality service and I'm grateful I got to take part in it!"
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"My experience with Claro has been fantastic since minute one. The knowledge, resources and help I've received from Claro is invaluable and was explained in such a clear and concise way. Thank you Mike for helping me to plan my first home purchase!"
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Attract and retain great talent — without hurting your bottom line


Start bolstering your team’s financial health today.



say their employer should do more to support their personal finances


say their employer is doing either an average or below job of looking after their finances


say if their employer offered a financial wellbeing benefit, they’d use it

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